Our Story


A Story that starts at Summer Cottages on the Lake.


Joel is from Milford, MI, and Kelly is from Woodridge, IL, but they both spent their summers growing up at Higgins Lake in Michigan. Life later took them in separate directions, but they reconnected in July 2008.

Joel had worked at a franchise real estate broker in Brighton for four years prior and had a team of agents working with him until the bubble burst in 2008. Kelly was working as a realtor in Illinois. Together, in a new and uncertain market, they decided to hit the “reset” button. Kelly moved to Michigan in 2009 and with Joel decided to build a different kind of real estate business.


They put in long hours to understand the new foreclosure and short sale market so they could continue to best serve their clients no matter what real estate need or life situation came their way. Working through that challenging time between 2007 and 2012 was essential in establishing the solid foundation for where Realty Concierge Group is today.

The hard work paid off in 2013-2014 when many of the clients they advised through the downturn came back looking to make a move as the market was finally rebounding! Joel, Kelly, and their growing team performed many home evaluations for their clients, updated them on their equity position, and advised them on whether now was an appropriate time to sell or to wait.


In early 2015, Realty Concierge Group was formed and they continued to develop the systems and structure needed to become a team brokerage with all agents working together instead of the standard real estate office with traditional agents all competing against each other at the same office. When they opened the RCG office in downtown Brighton, they made sure it was a warm and inviting place for the community to gather for events and a place that clients, agents, and staff could feel at home.

Please stop in during the day to say hi and grab a coffee. If you see us at night, visit our bar and check out our Fresh Approach to Real Estate!



What Makes Us Different



We know how to prioritize, delegate, and use our specialized processes to your advantage. Even though there are leads to follow up on, title issues to correct, paperwork to do, and mortgage companies to follow up with, we have stellar Admin staff who handle these details seamlessly, which saves you time and ensures deadlines are met. 


We keep our communication lines open and inviting. After all, Concierge is our middle name! Clients of RCG receive the same responsive, caring, competent, informative and professional engagement from the very first conversation all the way to the closing table. Our goal is for clients to always feel we understand their unique situation and can handle whatever challenges may arise.


We are sales people, but we put people before sales. You won’t find slick or shady sales techniques in our office! Instead, we achieve top performance by following through on our promises to you and staying true to our core values of honesty and integrity.


Our Team



We’re Realty Concierge Group and we are a unique Real Estate Brokerage. Our team members work together towards our clients’ goals, each team member utilizing their unique skills to meet client needs and expectations. Our Concierge Service Department nurtures the sales pipeline, our Buyer and Listing Specialists create relationships based on trust by listening and then delivering on clients’ needs, and our Client Care Department move files seamlessly from contract to close with top-notch communication. We provide a Disney-like experience to everyone we interact with and have fun doing it!

Would you like to become part of our story? Do you have the drive, energy and perseverance to join our Team of Super Realtors? If so, Click Here to learn more about Joining the Team.