Home Buying with us is better.

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At the beginning of the home-buying process, we provide you with a comprehensive questionnaire so we can move forward with a crystal clear picture of the home you want. This can also help you decide what characteristics of a home are most important to you. 

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Once we know the criteria of the home you desire, we do more than send out automated emails, we make calls to people who took their homes off the market previously to see if they are willing to sell to you. By reaching out to these sellers when other Realtors have forgotten about them, there’s no competition or multiple offers to beat!

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We have proven procedures in place to ensure we never lose sight of your needs and desires for your new home. We take care of the smallest details at every stage of the selling process, delivering sterling service as we cater to your unique situation.



The negotiation process is one of the most important pieces and one that at RCG we pride ourselves on!  Getting the best price for our clients is important to us.  Our agents and staff are well trained on all phases of the negotiation process to ensure that our clients have the edge in a multi offer situation and ensuring our clients get the home of their dreams!  Our negotiation strategy and experience ensures our clients also receive the best possible price when selling.  Trust RCG to handle this delicate but so important piece of the buying and selling process.

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There are 433 things to do from the time you put your offer in to the time you hit the closing table and get the keys to your new home. Because we have streamlined processes and high-performance Admins, we are always moving files forward rather than struggling as a single agent to do everything and dropping the ball due to time constraints. 

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At RCG we believe knowing the area BEFORE you buy is important in deciding on a home of your dreams.  We have the inside track on everything local!  We can advise you on restaurants, activities, community events and schools. We’ll get you in touch with local parents to get the inside track on the schools.  Knowing the area and being deeply rooted in our community allows us to provide you the best advice on the area and the impact of community activities on home values.  Trust us to provide you a big picture view.  It’s not just a house your buying but your home and community!




Getting into a home quickly upon finding it online is an essential piece to closing on the home of your dreams. We will NEVER be too busy for you or make excuses like “the owner won’t let us in.”  Our business model is simple. All agents work together as a team so if your agent is out showing homes already, another experienced agent will show you the home so you don’t miss out! Your assigned agent will step back in again once they are free to ensure you continue with the agent you started with! This process ensures you see all homes that you want to see when you want to see them!



When you are out of town and the perfect homes hits the market, we found a solution to allow you to “virtually” see the home so you can make a decision from afar! We have had MANY clients make offers and get the home of their dreams while out of town!



Buying a home requires a lot of communication, coordination, and quick availability. Our agents understand that time is of essence when buying a home and make themselves available for you when you need it most! You can call, text or email and expect a quick response.


Call us TODAY to set up a time to go over our Home Buyer Analysis so you don’t miss the home of your dreams!