Yes We’re Realtors.

No, we aren't that type......


What makes us


There is nothing standard about our approach to real estate or about our relationship with our clients and our community.

We’re the experts in the industry when it comes to prepping homes for sale.  We’ll make sure that you’re getting the biggest return on your investment by using our knowledge in home staging to get your house sold quickly - in most cases within days of listing and getting your home to appraise!  We are known for taking the “unsalable” house to “SOLD” and you get all of our services for 4.5% commission!

If you are searching for that perfect home, please know you will never lose out on a home due to an RCG agent being too busy for you. We have multiple licensed agents who can step in to show you a home at the last second when that perfect one hits the market!

We have an open door policy with everyone who enters or passes by our office: come in for a hot coffee and a seat by our fireplace or stop in at night at the RCG bar. To us, hospitality doesn’t just happen at home, it happens every time we meet someone new and connect with old friends.


We Think:



Impeccable customer service means earning your trust and then understanding and delivering on your expectations.


Listening to and anticipating your needs cannot be overvalued.


Extraordinary experiences start with a warm welcome from all of us at Realty Concierge Group.


The Inner Circle


Whether you’re a friend of ours or you’re selling or buying a home with us, you deserve to be a part of our Inner Circle, a FREE membership that provides the extra services and last-minute moving essentials to ease your mind. 

It pays to be a part of our Inner Circle. Ask us how to join—it’s easy!



There’s a lot of documentation with the purchase or sale of a home and often home printers run out of ink or stop talking to your computer when you need it most! We offer access to our office equipment essentials like scanners, copy machines and Wifi so you never have to worry about sending a scan or making a copy after your home printer is already packed or when it stops working.


Wouldn’t it be nice to know where you can always find a notary public without long lines? Join our Inner Circle and you’ll see just how convenient it is to be able to walk into our office and have your documents notarized for FREE.


Since we have tons of signs in our inventory and get bulk pricing, we decided we would get some garage sale signs and give them out to help our friends!



We use these canopies during the farmers’ market, when we host special events, and through the summer months in downtown Brighton! The canopies are pretty handy to use for graduation parties, kids’ sports games, or parties you host!



If you own a business and would like to connect with local business owners who fit your ideal lead type, let us know and we will connect you with the people we know. You’re also welcome to use our meeting space to make these valuable connections! 



Be invited to RCG special events, like our Harvest Fest, RCG pie pick-up, and all of our after-hours parties! We are a fun crew so don't be surprised if you encounter live bands or a line of people at our bar trying our signature RCG Martini!



We have worked with literally hundreds of contractors and business owners and have compiled a list of the best ones. This list includes people who communicate well, show up when they say they will, and have a customer first mindset! Ask for the list and we’ll be happy to email it to you!