Selling your home with us is easier.



We have a database of over 3,400 active buyers and receive over 200 buyer leads a month from our in-depth marketing strategies. We sift through these leads, assist buyers with getting financing in place, and then take buyers through your home.


It's a fact that from the time you receive an offer all the way to the day of closing, deals can fall apart. Our clients successfully close on their home quickly, with fewer hassles, and with less stress due to our tried and true processes.


The agents at RCG all focus on their unique gifts and special talents making sure that our clients get the best possible experience in the home buying and selling process.  Our agents are supported by a team of staff members who help keep things moving forward seamlessly and make sure that you always know where you are in the process.


We assign an Admin to each client we serve so there is crystal clear communication from the initial conversation all the way to closing and beyond.  

After a person views your home, you will know if the buyer will be writing an offer or not, what the buyer and/or buyer's agent thought of your home, and what we can do to make your home more sellable.


We don’t just stick a sign in your yard and hope your home sells. We have a Concierge Service Department that makes outbound calls every day of the week looking for buyers for our sellers’ homes. Our mobile courier keeps a close eye on your outdoor signage, flyers, and inside marketing materials to ensure you don’t have to come to us requesting them.


We have handled transactions for our clients totaling over One Hundred Million Dollars $$. We’ve encountered buyer markets, seller markets, and leveled-out markets and gained a tremendous amount of experience through it all, which we pass on to you.


We are widely known as the company that gives FREE consultations on prepping homes for sale to maximize the return on your investment! We take the unsalable homes and recommend minor changes to the home, show you how to stage your home, take amazing pictures and then put them back on the market and sell them within days of listing! We have a whole team of contractors, handymen, carpet guys, granite installers, glass repairmen, plumbers, electricians, painters and people that will help you move things around the home or take unwanted items to charity for you so you can get on the market ASAP! We firmly believe that each home has the ability to shine, BUT... we must declutter, depersonalize and concentrate on giving the appearance of an updated home while placing furniture properly throughout your home to get top dollar for you home! This is our specialty and it is all FREE when you choose RCG!!

You do NOT want pictures like this online!! These are actual MLS photos that were taken to showcase a home!

Here are a few examples of what we have done!

I have sold three different homes with Joel (my own, my dads and my mother-in-law) in the last 3 months. One had an offer in 4 days, one had 4 offers in 3 days and the last sold in 2.5 hours. Two out of the three at over asking.
— Ron and Sue Thornton


Homes We've Sold in the Community


We stand behind our promises and our claims. Check out some of our results...

Our Promises to You 



We promise to work smarter. We won’t waste your time by forgetting what you’ve said or ask for something more than once. 


We promise to be proactive and not reactive. We have a Concierge Service Department that uses outbound phone calls, email communications, social media and text messages to reach and hook buyers for your home seven days a week. When we have suitable buyers lined up, we confirm they're qualified to buy your home and then we get them into your home for a showing ASAP!


We promise to make you more money on your home sale. Did you know you must sell your home twice before you can close on it? First, the buyer must agree to your price. Second, the appraiser must agree on your price. We created a Pricing Process that allows us to prep your home for sale so we can list higher and then we use our market knowledge to work with the appraisers so they understand all the unique features of your home to maximize the final appraised value.

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